About KPY

After multiple weeks in a row of coming home frustrated after losing at X-Wing because I kept mixing up my dials, my wife suggested that I use our 3D printer to make some simple dial covers of different colors. I created a few prototypes and people at my local game store thought they were useful. I decided to start selling them, and Kuat Print Yards was born! Since then I've created a lot more!

I hope that this store is a way to share the things I've made with the X-Wing community. I started out trying to simplify and organize my own game, so my products reflect my own personal style of play. Most of my products are focused around 3 main ideas: Efficiency, Minimalism, and Eye-Catching Design.

I am looking for feedback on my store and products. Can something be improved? Send me a message!

I am always looking for ideas for new accessories. Please let me know if you have an idea for something. I do custom CAD work and can personalize or customize any item you find in my store.

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