Kuat Print Yards is shutting down September 24. Please see the shutdown page for more information.

Kuat Print Yards is shutting down...but

tldr; KPY is shutting down. I'm creating a TTT alternative. Thanks.

Hi everyone! I'm Brian, the man behind Kuat Print Yards.

I started 3D printing in 2016. When I started playing X-Wing in the fall of 2019 (great timing, eh?) I never expected that two hobbies would merge into a business. After returning home from losing at my LGS because I got my dials mixed up, my wife suggested that I 3D print color-coded dial covers and markers to help me keep my ships and dials organized during play. It worked, and my fellow players loved them. When the pandemic started I met a small group of tournament organizers through a friend and X-Wing community great, Andrew Lippens, who would eventually go on to form Team Junkyard (fka Team Jawa) and host a myriad of online X-Wing tournaments over the past few years. Through this venue, I sponsored tournaments with 3D printed prizes, many of which you can find on my instagram and facebook. I'm so proud of the amazing creative work that came out of this partnership. And I will continue to support them for the tournaments I have agreed to sponsor since before this decision was made.

One thing led to another and I reached out to Dión at Gold Squadron Podcast for a sponsorship agreement. GSP have been great partners. I informed Dión of my plans to shut down KPY at the Nova Open last week. We're working out a way to hand off some of my inventory to GSP for giveaways.

The Etsy store has already been shut down. My shopify store at kuatprintyards.com will shut down September 24. All orders placed between now and then will be honored.

There's a few reasons why I'm shutting down KPY.

This past May, my daughter and first kid was born. This has put more demands on my time.
The success of KPY has meant that almost all of my free time is spent doing CAD or printing and shipping orders.
The combination of the two previous reasons has led to me not being able to guarantee convenient shipping timelines for customers, and I don't want to offer a customer experience like that.
I've decided to do something else with my time...

When Dennis announced that Tabletop.TO was shutting down, I began to think about stepping up to create an alternative. The short version of the story is that I'm shutting down KPY to make a tabletop tournament hosting website.

I am aware that various people and groups are working to either preserve TTT or create an alternative. I fully support them. I will donate code and expertise where possible, and I will NOT steal or borrow any code from them.

I intend to create a for-profit product. I know that the community enjoys many free software products created by the community. And there will be a free option in what I'm creating. But I believe that what is in the best interest of the community is a service with longevity, and I believe a viable business model is a part of that. I also plan to introduce features that deliver a lot of value for the money I plan on charging.

What is also a part of that is a well written, architected, and tested code base. In my normal job, I'm a lead software engineer (I'm also a mechanical and materials engineer, which is how I knew how to do all the stuff for KPY). I've done web, mobile, frontend, backend, database, and cloud. I am essentially a fullstack developer. One of the things I hear often in discussions about TTT is, "1000 concurrent users? That's nothing! A very small server should be able to handle this." In my experience, you have to design for at least 1, if not 2 orders of magnitude larger scale than you expect to observe to create a reliable, resilient service. This is what I plan to do.

It may take me longer than other groups to get a viable product launched. That's fine with me. I don't intend to create something fast. I intend to create something well, just like I've done with all of my designs released through KPY. I might crash and burn. I might fail. And if so, that will be fine with me. Perhaps I will reopen KPY. Or perhaps I'll just enjoy the extra time with my wife and daughter.

If you want to follow along with me, you can join my discord. Just send me a message at kuatprintyards@gmail.com or info@kuatprintyards.com. Let me know what sort of role you play in tournaments or tabletop communities. I'm especially looking for tournament organizers (both online and in person), tournament assistants, judges, sponsors, event managers, and players that play in lots of tournaments or tend to go far in tournaments.

In closing, I want to say thank you to a list of folks who have been a tremendous help to me these past few years.

First, to my wife, Kimmie, for her love, support, sacrifice, and having the original idea that sparked this endeavor.

For their early support
Andrew Lippens
Charles X-Wing Holcomb
Justin Dicke
Joel Bishop
Team Junkyard

For their enthusiastic partnership and creative ideas
Andrew Lippens
Justin Dicke
Dión Morales
Craig Fraser
Zach Kronisch

For their raving support
Mike Spin (Nickel City X-Wing)
Tommy Adams
Tim Opinaldo
Jonah Piscani
Piotr Biegaj
Gregory Smith
Andrew Pollard
Nicholas Smith