1-20 Victory Point Dial 3D Model

1-20 Victory Point Dial 3D Model

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This listing is for the 3D models and relevant files needed to print this yourself. This is not a physical product.

Stop using dice and tokens to track your victory points. Use these double-sided 1-20 dials instead. 

The dial counts from 1-10 on one side, then you flip it to the other side where it starts at 11 and counts up to 20.

There is a mechanism inside the dial to give it friction. This friction keeps the selected number in place until you want to change it.

Please watch the video, it demonstrates everything.


Each dial is 50mm wide, 49mm tall, and 4.6mm thick.

Included Files

  • STL file of the model
    • Base
    • Dial
    • Cover
  • 3MF file including color changes
  • gcode generated for Prusa i3 MK3S+ printers from the 3MF file